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Zip lock bags. Use in business and at home

Convenient, high quality and durable zip lock bags have become popular for a long time. This is an excellent packaging option that guarantees the safety of products, as well as an irreplaceable thing in everyday life.

Zip lock bags come in completely different sizes: from very small (40x60mm) to large (250x300mm).

You can buy packages with a zip lock in our company, which has been supplying products throughout Ukraine for 5 years. We, like no one else, know and understand how and where you can use our zip lock products.

Zip lock packages for packing goods

During pandemic packaging requirements have become more stringent, so all small, medium and large-scale companies, without exception, monitor safety and strive to comply with all regulations.

You can buy zip bags from Ziplock in completely different formats (size, color, etc.). We offer:

transparent bags with zip lock;

● colored zip lock packages;

● black;

● with a logo.

The choice in size is also wide. All products are manufactured using modern European equipment.

Thanks to high-quality packaging, you can improve the status of your product. Zip packages with a logo will become a feature of your company, and as a result, will have a positive effect on the development of your business. After all, as you know, most people keep convenient packaging, and the presence in the house of packages with the name or company badge once again reminds the buyer of you, thus performing an advertising function.

Zip bags. Household use

Buying zip lock packages is also useful for home, because they have a lot of positive features:

● freezing food;

● sorting of small parts;

● packing things for a business trip or a trip;

● protection of gadgets (in the kitchen, in wet weather, in a dusty and dirty room).

Zip lock bags are sometimes just an irreplaceable thing. By freezing vegetables, fruits, meat, etc., you can be sure: the products will be reliably protected from external influences, retain their color, taste and aroma.

Our bags are durable and airtight, so they can be reused. They are ideal for sorting small parts of construction sets and other toys. Screws, bolts, nuts are conveniently stored in packages.

If you like to cook using video recipes, we recommend that you protect your tablet or phone with a secure bag with a fastener so that grease, splashes, and bulk products do not get on it. So you will significantly extend the life of your gadget.

Large zip-lock bags are convenient for storing instructions from household appliances, documents, cords and other headsets. Such packaging will help to put things in order in the house and improve ergonomics in design.

Our assortment includes 30 types of bags of different sizes: from 40x60mm to 250x300mm. The most popular transparent zip lock bags look like this:

Where to buy wholesale zip lock bags in Ukraine?

For the query “zip packages to buy in Ukraine” the search engine gives a lot of results. Companies offer products at different prices and on different terms.

What we offer:

● quality goods at an affordable price;

● terms of delivery convenient for you;

● pleasant communication, as a result of which agreements that are beneficial for the client will be reached;

● loyal pricing policy;

● fast lead times.

Ziplock values ​​every customer. We carry out deliveries in bulk to anywhere in Ukraine. Constant expansion of the assortment, improvement of the production process, improvement of logistics – all this is done to ensure that the customer receives high-quality bags with zip lock as soon as possible.

We will make sure that your goods are safely and beautifully packaged!

Contact us in any convenient way and get an advantageous offer from the manufacturer.